An Ipswich fan put his hand through a ceiling celebrating his team’s playoff-tying goal

English second-tier club Ipswich Town was trailing late in the first half on Saturday when Paul Anderson found the back of the net to pull his side level. And with this being the semifinals of the league’s playoffs — out of which one team will join the Premier League — the goal was a big deal.

And how does one celebrate such big deals? Jumping fist pumps, of course. Especially those that put a cut on one’s hand and a hole in one’s ceiling.

“I went for a fist pump while jumping up at the same time,” said 25-year-old Ipswich fan Ross Morgan. “The next thing I knew I had gone through the ceiling.”

Sometimes things like that happen. He’s going to have a hefty repair bill, even if it was worth it. Unless…

Anderson to the rescue! Goalscorer and repairman (kinda). Is there anything this man can’t do?

But Morgan is too proud for such things. Or too appreciative. Or too something, even if Anderson believes it’s his fault for doing his job too well at too important of a time.

And what if Anderson scores again in the second leg, and Morgan goes wild again? Anderson will pick up the tab then, too. Morgan can break anything and Anderson has him covered, though he hopes Morgan’s a little discerning.

“Nothing too expensive please,” Anderson tweeted at Morgan.

Promotion play-offs are crazy. And expensive.


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