Emmanuel Adebayor is oversharing about his family on Facebook, again

Last week, Tottenham and Togo forward Emmanuel Adebayor unleashed a very personal rant on his Facebook and Instagram pages about his struggles with family members. It was a long, detailed sharing with the world in the hopes that, as he puts it, “all families can learn from what happened in mine.”

It turns out, Adebayor was unveiling the first novel of a trilogy, because Part II popped up on social media yesterday. Apparently he’s not finished sharing, and the story doesn’t get any happier.

Take a deep breath before reading.


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Adebayor is definitely going H.A.M. on his family. Is it justified? Who knows. But I’m not entirely convinced by the “It Gets Better” story where everything gets better because you divulge all of the behind the scenes minutia of family drama. On social media. It’s possible, sure, but I’m not sure how the world knowing that Adebayor was making 15,000 euros at Metz, or that he bought a Cartier “neckless” for 45,000 euros, or that his brother and his friends allegedly sold it for a loss (to Adebayor; they gained) makes things any better for Adebayor.

This all just continues to feel like a sad, unfortunate cry for help. Adebayor’s share isn’t really to help the world. The world generally doesn’t become a better place by reading athletes’ Facebook posts about family scandals. Because, believe it or not, Adebayor doesn’t sound very relatable telling bling-centric stories about dishonor and back-stabbing from the vaults of the one-percenters. This sounds more like Adebayor being exasperated with living behind a wall, having to deal with a lot of personal nonsense, and then having to hear fans and the media rip him to shreds for acting in a way that may not come across as completely ridiculous when all the context is considered.

Unfortunately, all we have are these posts. All we can do is speculate and wait for Part III to drop. Part III’s apparently about “the father of the family,” and it looks like he tried to @ him on Facebook. I’m not sure that this is going to get any better.


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