Bruce Arena may have had some kind of spiritual awakening and it’s a bit unsettling

Stability and consistency are very important. For society to remain stable, there are certain things that we should always be able to count on, like Eminem winning a rap Grammy, my relatives voting Democrat, or Toronto FC missing the playoffs.

More steady than all of these is the rhythm and calm that comes with knowing that Bruce Arena will absolutely blame any and all external forces – both real and imagined – when his LA Galaxy lose a game.

On Saturday, the Galaxy impressively kept Dallas (17 goals in 10 games) scoreless in their own Toyota Stadium for 76 minutes – holding a 1-0 lead – before deciding the night had gone on long enough. The off switch was flipped, and Dallas scored twice to take all three points at home.

But after the game, Arena didn’t play his “Blame Game“, and it was more than a bit unsettling.

We didn’t do well at the end of the game in the last 15 minutes or so, and that’s my responsibility.

When a team plays that poorly on the road, they’re not well coached. We blew a lot of points this week, we could have stolen six points this week, and intead we walked away with one. That’s my responsibility. I have not done a good job with this team to get them tactically ready for games.

What? Bruce…BRUCE…are you ok? Does Arena know that he just publicly took responsibility for his team’s failures? Has he had some kind of spiritual awakening we don’t know about?

Bruce Arena’s standard practice would have been to find someone else to point to for the Galaxy falling apart. The refs would have been called out (indirectly) for some penalty they didn’t call. He would have blamed the league for early fixture congestion leading to late-game fatigue. Once, there was a rumor that Arena cited an alien abduction of Juninho as the reason his team went winless on a three-game road trip.

Could “The Bruce” be turning over a new leaf? One of deep personal reflection. A new-found introspection that comes with time. Maybe his fifth MLS Cup championship last year was enough to help him break free from the shackles of insecurity and deflection.

Congratulations, Bruce.