Dortmund reveals how Arsenal can finally win the Premier League again

There was a time this season when Borussia Dortmund was bottom of the Bundesliga. Literally, the very bottom. And that wasn’t a week or two into the season. That was nearing the winter break. Yet BVB has been one of Germany’s best teams over the last few months, shooting up to seventh in the process:

Thanks, Google!

Thanks, Google!

So how did BVB go from a disaster to a rocket up the table? It was the announcement that Jürgen Klopp would be leaving at the end of the season. The manager himself admits it:

“If I’d known before the start of the season that we’d put such a winning run together, I’d have announced my departure back then,” Klopp said to the BBC.

“Seventh place feels brilliant.”

Yeah, why didn’t he just announce he was leaving earlier? Clearly a tactical mistake on Klopp’s part.

Maybe Bayern Munich wouldn’t have gotten rocked by Barcelona if Pep Guardiola had announced that he was leaving the club after the season? Hell, this might be the trick that Arsène Wenger needs to finally win the Premier League again.