A forgotten face is tied for most goals scored so far in MLS

Something strange has happened in this opening trimester of Major League Soccer action. While we weren’t looking, someone we once knew, then kind of forgot about, has reemerged. After two years away in England, this man has returned in triumph, and if early results – seven goals in nine games – mean anything, he’s a better version of himself than we’ve ever seen.

MLS fans, behold your co-leading goal scorer:

Because it's Friday. 😬

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No, that isn’t Clint Dempsey, though I see why there could be confusion. If you thought that was a picture of Obafemi Martins, then there’s an entirely different conversation that needs to take place.

That is the Columbus Crew’s Kei Kamara. King of the Heart Hands himself. You may not have noticed (to be fair, it’s happening in Columbus), but Kamara is putting in goals for the Crew like no one since the 1996 version of Brian McBride.

The most critical of Kamara’s 2015 bounty came as a pair in the Crew’s 3-2 home win over the Seattle Sounders, who rode in on a three-game winning streak, having surrendered only two goals in that span.

One finish was more athletic than the the other, but both were the result of the sort of patience and timing any team would love to see from their forwards. Yes, Seattle’s defending was “questionable” on both goals, but we’re talking about Kamara right now. Stay focused on the positive.

Columbus isn’t setting the league on fire – the win only moved them to 4-3-2 on the season – so Kamara’s performances are easy to ignore. Hell, even after scoring twice, his name wasn’t mentioned a single time in this post-game story on the league site (though he’s included in the more functional recap).

Show a little love to the surging Kei Kamara while you can. If MLS history holds, he’ll hit a cold streak as soon as we all start paying attention.