Burnley got relegated from the Premier League. Here’s a bunch of hugs.

Burnley beat Hull City 1-0 on Saturday, but there’s a good chance the majority of its players are off crying into their pints rather than lifting a glass in celebration. Turns out the win meant nothing. Burnley has been relegated.

That’s gotta suck. Spend all of last season clawing your way to the top, only to arrive and not be able to win your first 10 Premier League games. Then, with three games remaining, and knowing you need to win them all, you do win, but your reward is still a trip to the Championship. England remains a terrible place; a barren field where humble dreams are left to die.

Well, Clarets, it’s been a ride, although not a very wild one. Let’s still look back and give Burnley lots and lots and lots of much-needed of hugs:

August, 2014: Burnley gets kicked out of the League Cup by Sheffield Wednesday

sloth hug

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
Burnley might as well have spent the entire season spooning a sloth.

September, 2014: West Brom puts in four goals unanswered

friends hug

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.
Sometimes you just need a hug from your best friend.

October, 2014: Burnley is unable to beat a fellow promoted side

kitty bunny hug

Oh, Burnley.
You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.
Hug your bunny. Unless you’re afraid of bunnies.

November, 2014: Burnley loses just once!

buffy hug

Seize the moment.
‘Cause tomorrow, you might be dead.

December, 2014: Burnley holds Manchester City to a draw!

pandas hugging

If it doesn’t challenge you, it can’t change you.

January, 2015: The Clarets score 12 goals in 6 matches!

monkey hug

Remember that guy that gave up?
Neither does anyone else.

February, 2015: Burnley fails to win a single game

bear hug

Remind yourself it’s ok to not be perfect.
This works best if you can find a ginormous bear to snuggle you through the imperfections.

March, 2015: Burnley beats Manchester City!


Fall seven times. Stand up eight.

April, 2015: Burnley again fails to win a single game

boo hug

Tear down the motivational posters hanging in the locker room.
Run quickly to the embrace of a big blue monster.

May, 2015: A win over Hull City sees Burnley relegated