Turns out Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t always a total jerk

There are plenty of reasons to hate on Cristiano Ronaldo. His addiction to hairstyling products. His rock-hard abs. His terrible taste in food.

Ronaldo comes off as an arrogant asshole about 99.7% of the time. Which is what makes videos such as this one all the more heartwarming:

Yes, that is a little Japanese boy doing his damndest to speak Portuguese to Ronaldo. Have you ever tried to speak a second language? What about on stage, with hundreds of eyes boring into you? And having to direct your speech to one of the biggest soccer superstars on the planet?

That little boy should be applauded simply for not wetting his pants. Yet this crowd is laughing at him. Laughing! And Ronaldo just can’t take it. “Why?” he pleads to the presenter, “Why are they laughing at him?!?”

Ronaldo understands. He gets it. He’s sitting up on stage, bright lights shining down on his makeup, having to voice his frustrations in English. And here’s this young kid trying to figure out Portuguese, for goodness sake.

“They should be happy because he tries very hard,” Ronaldo admonished the crowd.

That shut up the jerkfaces who apparently thought the smug star would also enjoy humiliating a young child. Turns out Ronaldo does have a heart, after all.