Real Madrid supporters are too embarrassed to take photos with Gareth Bale

Is life not already hard enough for poor Gareth Bale? The World’s Most Expensive Player is routinely skewed in the Spanish press, gets booed by his own fans, and had a horrible day at the office as Real Madrid lost to Juventus in the Champions League.

It’s possible that Bale spent those 90 semifinal minutes being tormented by an incident that occurred before the game even kicked off:

Yes, that’s the Welshman you see in the background, taking a photo of fans posing with James Rodríguez. Not only that, but it appears as though the subjects examined the photo, found it lacking, and asked Bale to retake the shot. Which he was kind enough to do.

Ah, Gareth. We can find so many parallels between this brief incident, captured forever on YouTube, and your current predicament in Madrid. But considering the state of your self-esteem at the moment, it’s probably best we don’t elaborate.