Watch as Luis Suárez warms the heart of a young cancer patient

Luis Suárez, the man who will forever be known as the guy who chewed on humans during soccer games — among other not so great things — has done a good thing. Yes, it’s true. Stop being so closed minded.

Suárez has a very Champions League game against a lot of German people today. But despite that crucial appointment, the Barcelona man carved out some time to meet a Uruguayan youngster named Mateo who was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. Mateo, who resides in Montevideo, made his way to Dr Perez Scremini Foundation, a treatment center for young cancer patients, where he was told he was going to meet with a specialist by video conference. Guess what happened.

Is this the first time you’ve felt the adorables in a situation involving Luis Suárez?

RT for Yes; FAV for No.