Emmanuel Adebayor overshared about his family life on Facebook and holy hell it’s heavy

This is how the story began …

“SEA, I have kept these stories for a long time but I think today it is worth sharing some of them with you. It’s true…”

Tottenham and Togo international forward Emmanuel Adebayor has had a turbulent journey to the top. By top, I mean to a level of soccer most humans on earth couldn’t hack for several minutes, let alone several grueling years.

Still, he’s consistently the recipient of boos at the clubs that have signed his checks over the years. He regularly gets taken to task by his countryfolk for perceived dedication deficiencies. He watched his fellow countrymen get ambushed in a machine gun attack en route to the Africa Cup of Nations, in 2010.

As much as Adebayor sometimes deserves stick for being a knucklehead at times, he’s been through a lot.

Today he took to Facebook to open up about some things going on in his life. It’s heavy, so hold onto something:

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That’s a lot of sharing.

At first I questioned Adebayor’s wisdom when he mentioned sending his mother to Nigerian multi-millionaire mega-pastor T.B. Joshua. But then I thought, if all of this stuff is true, at least he’s trying.

The most powerful piece of Adebayor’s story is the perspective it provides. Adebayor has the reputation of a spoiled, rotten, selfish scoundrel who only looks out for himself. His opulent Instagram account arguably supports that sentiment.


But if you’ve followed him over the years, the picture appears to be a bit more complicated. This lengthy Facebook tale seems to gel with the notion of a figure dealing with more than “does the manager believe in me” in his life. And yet we boo, because make that run or finish that goal, dammit. Having to deal with this level of nonsense off the field, with family members, should move fans to have a greater level of tolerance, or at least patience.

Athletes have crazy families too, and it doesn’t help when your mom does witchcraft.


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