Diego Maradona really, really doesn’t want Sepp Blatter to be re-elected as FIFA president

Diego Maradona is not a man who shies away from sharing his opinion. Be that his view on Cristiano Ronaldo, how George Bush is “human garbage,” or the war on Western imperialists, Maradona will always boldly let you know where he stands.

This week in Amman, Jordan, Maradona shared his views on FIFA “President for Life” Sepp Blatter with Guillem Balague, at the Soccerex Asian Forum.

Maradona is supporting Jordan’s Prince Ali bin al-Hussein as he tries to unseat Blatter, the heavyweight champion of soccer’s deathstar. That explains why quotes like these exist.

Maradona on Blatter:

“As the football world knows, inside Fifa there is total anarchy, where there is only one man who decides everything. But [Blatter] knows absolutely nothing. Therefore it is time for a change.”

Maradona on Blatter, again:

“He has done a lot of damage to football since he has been there. It’s time for him to step aside and let us, who are coming in with a lot of energy, rebuild football, which is getting weaker and more corrupt.”

What, there’s more? Indeed. More Maradona on Blatter:

“He’s scared of being left out and losing his share of the cake. That is what really annoys someone like me, who has played in four World Cups. I do know what it feels like running after a ball, not like him who has been running after glasses of champagne.”

You can watch the video below. And no, he’s not frothing at the mouth and pumping his fist in the air like he’s giving a Castro speech.

If that was too long for you and you want to share this with your friends, just send them this GIF. It basically sums up Maradona’s views on Blatter’s reign.



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