The best interview you’ll ever see with Mario Balotelli was conducted by a child

Rejoice, people of the soccering world. It has only taken nine years, but we finally have a good Mario Balotelli interview to watch. And it seems that the key to getting an honest look at Balotelli is to have him interviewed by a child.

Every piece of media constructed around Balotelli is centered around some obvious agenda. Either someone intends to drag him down and ramble on about “the right way” and who “deserves” what nonsense; or, as I prefer, they run the contrarian route and defend him at all costs, even at the risk of sounding ridiculous.

Obviously, the Balotelli truth lies somewhere in the middle, and it’s taken a child to lead us to that middle:

Finn, the young Liverpool fan who interviewed him for Liverpool’s “Kopp Kids” segment, is a next-level journalist. This is by far the most open and honest Mario Balotelli has ever been on camera.

The best moment happened during an exchange that began with Finn asking, “Sometimes you don’t do anything (celebrate) when you score, though. How come?” Balotelli was clearly shaken by such an insightful question (see the photo, above). He tried to dance around it, implying that scoring, in and of itself, brought enough joy to sustain him.

Like any class journalist, Finn knew Balo was holding back. In the most riveting YouTube moment of the European soccer season, Finn paused, looked at his interview subject as asked, “Are you happy on the inside, though?” A disarmed Balotelli, struggling to return eye contact, meekly replied, “Could be better.” Incredible.

With this quality followup to their last effort, an in-depth sit-down (dance-up?) with Daniel Sturridge, Kopp Kids might now be the best source for Liverpool news. It’s definitely the most trustworthy in England.


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