Take that, Messi: Sergio Ramos is going to be a father, again

The rivalry between La Liga giants Barcelona and Real Madrid is really getting out of hand.

Just last week, Lionel Messi broke the news that he and his partner, Antonella Roccuzzo, will be adding another little person to their family. While covering that ground-breaking story, Messi joke enthusiast Kevin Brown made an obvious prediction:

“Expect news that Cristiano Ronaldo is expecting triplets any day now.”

He was close.

Today, Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos took to the Instagrams to drop a little seed of his own, further breaking the hearts of millions of obsessed fans who hoped he might abandon his family and consider eloping:

So now the ball is back in Barcelona’s court, with no signs of the baby-making arms race between the Spanish giants slowing down any time soon. Expect Neymar baby news in the upcoming weeks.