A bunch of Sporting Kansas City players dressed like hot dogs and raced around a baseball field

Somewhere in the Sporting Kansas City marketing department, deep in a safe hidden behind an oil painting of Jimmy Conrad dressed as Superman, lies the club’s branding plan: a single sheet of powder blue paper that simply says “Yup.”

Hot dog! #SportingKC #Royals

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What your hungover Saturday eyes see before them is Dom Leroux-Dwyer, Matt Besler and Graham Zusi dressed as differently-condimented hot dogs, getting ready to run in the Kansas City Royals’ Hot Dog Derby.

It’s a shame that Sporting coach Peter Vermes wasn’t involved in this, as he would have been the perfect model to sport the “No, just plain” hot dog costume without the benefit of any flavor enhancers.

Bes hot doggin' to the finish line. #Winning

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I’m shocked that Matt Besler won this race. It’s the fastest he’s moved since before the World Cup. Maybe his priorities are out of whack and he’s been putting all his training effort into this. Have to wonder if SKC is re-thinking the Designated Player deal it gave him last summer.

The beautiful game meets America's Pastime. #SportingKC #ForeverRoyal

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There was also an inter-sport garment exchange between teams. Things like this are good for the local community. When a town’s sports teams are getting along, crime rates drop and standardized testing scores go through to roof. Glad to see the folks in Kansas City are civic-minded people.

He has nothing to do with Sporting Kansas City or this story, but this guy was also at the Royals’ based balls contest last night. It seems like information you should have. Do what you want with it.