Barcelona bullied Córdoba into the second division with an 8-0 rout

When Real Madrid took its frustrations out on Grenada, we noted the playground bully nature of the 9-0 rout. It seems only fair say that today’s result in Córdoba — an 8-0 bush-whacking by Barcelona — revealed similar qualities in El Real’s chief rivals. After all, three of Barcelona’s eight goals came in the game’s final 10 minutes.

No, not every rout amounts to a lunch money theft, but there were qualities of each game that don’t rest easy. With El Real’s win, there was a sense of frustrations being taken out on a weaker, helpless foe, with Grenada having met the European champions during a period of public doubt. For Barcelona, an initial 41 minutes of scoreless play gave way to a flood, with all three of the team’s MSN (Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez, Neymar) attack piling on during those final, meaningless minutes.

Grenada and Córdoba are theoretically compromised of grown men with mature intellects, so they should be able to rationalize routs by two brutally talented squads. But what about the other side of the equation? What kind of pathology leads Barcelona to this end? And what issues were Real Madrid working through when it happened upon hapless Grenada?

Outside of their locker rooms, it’s hard to tell. It’s just curious that players like Lionel Messi, Gerard Piqué, James Rodríguez and Iker Casillas seem like perfectly kind souls – the type of people you wouldn’t associate with this kind of behavior. Andrés Iniesta? Cristiano Ronaldo? They have long track records of being decent human beings. And what about Isco and Marc Barta? They’re made of butterflies and puppy dog feels.

There must be something else that’s made these good boys go bad, and José Mourinho isn’t around to blame anymore. Is it the undo influence of convicted biter Luis Suárez? Perhaps it’s knee cap-killer Pepé’s residual evil? Do we need to separate Sergio Ramos and Sergio Busquets from the children? Something horrible is rubbing off.

I have another theory: stress. When Real Madrid opened up on Grenada, it was during a time when the Spanish press was forecasting its downfall. And today’s explosion? It comes three days before Barcelona faces Pep Guardiola and Bayern Munich in Champions League. Some of us stress eat. Others shop. When you’re part of sanctioned gang of elite soccer players, you embarrass someone on the field.

Grenada and Córdoba were innocent bystanders. We should feel sorry for them, if we can do so without blaming Barça or El Real. Those teams are products mere products of our unfeeling world, where our consumer demand and obsession with greatness pervert all that’s good.

If it wasn’t for those things, there’d be no tabloid media. And there wouldn’t be this horrible Champions League. If anything, those are the problems we should be worrying about.