The Intro: Lisa Hong

As you might have read, we’re growing the Fusion tech & product team in 2015. Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our newest colleagues in what will be a recurring feature on this blog.

Who are you, and what do you do?

Lisa HongI’m Lisa Hong, a UX designer for Fusion. I was a student until recently – I just completed a Masters degree in Human Computer Interaction at City University London. My dissertation focused on designing a mobile browsing experience that would make finding information on small screens easier.

One takeaway was that mobile browsers really should step away from adapting desktop browsing methods. What works on desktop doesn’t necessarily work on mobile. For instance, “Find by word” is something people love to do on desktop to find something specific on a page. But a lot of interviewed users did not know how to do this on mobile. Many just gave up.

I’ve been designing and developing for the web since 2000. I remember the days of coding with tables, and when Flash intros were a thing. I’ve been involved in every part of the process, from wireframing, prototyping, visual design to front-end development.

I like creating intuitive interactions and writing clean, semantic code.

What’s your preferred hardware and software setup?

I’m still dragging around Macbook Pro from 2011. I usually only need that, and a comfy chair. A giant pillow helps.

I like using online tools so that I can have access everywhere – Google Drive, Dropbox. For designing, I still love the Adobe Creative Suite. I tried Sketch for a little while, but went back to Photoshop.

For wireframing and sketching, I begin with pen and paper just to get some ideas down, then I usually turn to Balsamiq. Axure is also cool – I haven’t even scratched the surface of all its features.

Finally, I use Sublime for coding. One of my nostalgic favourites is Coda. Back then, Coda was missing a “multiple file find” functionality so I switched. I think it’s added in Coda now though.

How do you consume media? Any favorite formats or publications?

I love consuming via RSS feeds. I was really sad when Google Reader died. I’ve now settled on Feedly because I find its functionalities to be similar to Google. I have amassed a lot of design blog subscriptions over the years and I love going through the feed for inspiration. Smashing Magazine is still a favourite. I miss Drawn.

I was very skeptical of e-readers at first, because I like the feel of having a book in your hands, but I have become a big fan of ebook portability. I have a really old Nook that is loaded with too many books on designs and human-computer interaction. Rosenfeld Media Library has lots of good books. I had a subscription to Smashing Library at one point and now have way too many books to read.

What excites you most about what’s coming up next at Fusion?

I’m excited to see the launch of the new Fusion site and how it can evolve with user feedback. Stats and analytics are valuable to see if something worked, but there’s nothing like seeing users browse in real life.

I’m particularly interested in seeing how users consume media and videos on their mobile devices and see if new types of interactions can be designed.