A fan interrupted a game with delightful somersaults and got banned for three years

A month ago, a hefty 20-year-old named Charlie Sumner ran out onto the field during a game and did a bunch of somersaults. Now he’s banned for three years.

Here’s the video:

The game was an FA Cup quarterfinal replay between Reading and Bradford at the Madejski Stadium. After Reading went 3-0 up, Sumner ran onto the field and did a series of front-flippy-things where he sort of rolled onto his back. Oh, and he was topless.

Apparently, circus music came on the speaker system, and you can hear fans cheer each somersault.

For his crime of causing a shred of joy in your otherwise bleak life, a Reading court banned Sumner for three years and fined him 265 pounds ($406). (He plead guilty to “one count of going on to a playing area at a football match under the Football Offences Act 1991,” but plans to appeal.)

Here’s what the prosecutor said: “He somersaulted three or four times before running up to the Bradford supporters, shaking his fist in a ‘wanker’ gesture at them. He was taken off the pitch by stewards and arrested.”

She sounds like a fun person. According to the Guardian, she went on:

“It is quite clear he enjoyed the attention he received that day.” He had been pictured outside the court before with his thumbs up. “It could be argued that this is showing disrespect to the justice system. It almost makes a mockery of the system, and because this is in the media, this behaviour should be cracked down on, he should be made an example of.

“The police are taking it very seriously and the court should take it very seriously. This kind of behaviour can cause a lot of disruption.”

Anyway, you should do a somersault at work today (presuming you don’t work on the field of an ongoing soccer game, unless you can afford that $400 fine).


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