Bayern becomes even richer with adidas mega-deal

In the latest episode of the long-running reality series Jersey Shore-up, adidas has signed Bayern Munich until 2030 for a reported $1 billion. That’s like, thirty Arjen Robbens..

With Bayern once again Bundesliga champions, adidas added another ten years to a deal that already had five to go. It’s a sign of the firm’s confidence in German soccer and its biggest club.

It’s also below the record-breaking minimum $1.15 billion ten-year deal adidas agreed with Manchester United last summer when taking over from Nike. And Bayern was never likely to become the center of a tug-of-love between adidas and Nike. After all, adidas is headquartered in Bavaria and owns 8.33% of the club

But since that was an outlier – twice as much as Arsenal’s contract with Puma, for example – it’s clear that Bayern has secured a deal that underlines their status as one of world soccer’s powerhouses and will help them to be competitive in the transfer market in the coming years.

In comparison, it looks as if Real Madrid ($48m/year) and Barcelona ($40m) are getting a raw deal, having locked themselves in with long-term arrangements a couple of years back, before apparel supply contracts, like TV rights, soared in value. After all, Barcelona are only getting $15 million a year more than the reported sum Nike pays Rory McIlroy, and his job just involves walking around for hours in long pants, occasionally hitting a small ball with a stick.