Here’s Brek Shea catching a snake in his backyard

As a person who occasionally went rattlesnake hunting as a child in Central California (sorry, Mom), I wouldn’t recommend this video as a tutorial, though Orlando City left back Brek Shea deserves the benefit of the doubt. As product of a solid Texas upbringing, he probably recognized his backyard visitor for what it was: a harmless, small rat snake. As a result, the U.S. international only needed a stick and the cinematographic talent of his friend/housemate/teammate, Eric Avila, to become Major League Soccer’s Jack Hanna:

I’m sure Adrian Heath and the rest of the Orlando City organization will be zero percent nervous knowing this is how Dane Brekken spends his spare time, but given this man has survived 25 years with this type of adventurous streak, the Texan should have little trouble mastering his new snake-, alligator-filled environment. This is what Jurgen Klinsmann means what he talks about pushing your limits.