Italian club’s eagle mascot was attacked by a crow during its pregame flyover

As if to underline Italian soccer’s violence problem, even Lazio’s mascot’s getting mixed up in trouble. Although this particular ugly incident took place not in the stands, but above them.

Olimpia the Eagle, the Rome-based club’s mascot, was attacked by a crow during its traditional pregame flyover at the Olympic Stadium.

Considering the Romans’ superstitious — where even tripping over or spilling some water meant you were basically screwed should you decide to so much as step out of your front door for the rest of the day — this event must have been disturbing on a primeval level for all connected with Lazio.

And it probably was a bad omen, since lowly Chievo grabbed a 75th-minute equalizer and the match ended 1-1, complicating Lazio’s bid to cement a second-place Serie A finish.

As well as the whole incident being slightly embarrassing from a winged-vertebrate respect perspective, ahat business does a crow have attacking an eagle that’s five times bigger? Olimpia needs to step up its bird of prey game. This is literally an inversion of the pecking order.