Today’s Eternal Derby in Belgrade lived up to its explosive, violent reputation

Once again, things are getting out of hand in Serbia.

Today marked another chapter in the epic Eternal Derby between storied clubs Red Star Belgrade and Partizan Belgrade. The intense inner-city rivalry goes back decades and is one of the most electric atmospheres in world soccer. Insane things happen. Back in 1998, as David Goldblatt describes in The Ball is Round, Partizan fans smuggled a rocket-propelled grenade into the stadium and launched it across the field to where Red Star fans were standing. A 12-year-old boy died. Almost 20 years later, things are still out of hand.

It didn’t take long for things to kick off before today’s derby, when fans started things off by clashing with the police.

The atmosphere inside the stadium was filled with adrenaline and smoke.

But the festivities inside the stadium eventually reached a boiling point. The game was postponed for about 45 minutes as police had to intervene to break up clashes between fans.

It’s always a shame to see violence ruining a good time.

There have been no reports as to what specifically caused today’s chaos. It was probably history, but we certainly can’t rule out Serbian gangster rap. According to someone on FOX News, Serbian gangster rap music is probably destroying Serbia.

See what I mean? It’s plausible.