El Paso teenager chose a meeting with Neymar over $10,000

Young people make terrible choices. For example, you are a millennial, and opted to click on a link that brought you here. It’s isn’t your fault, though. Youth brings with it a deadly combination of exuberance and a lack of perspective. It’s a recipe for mistakes that no one can avoid. What’s important is advancing from that error-laden phase by using other young people’s poor choices as examples of what paths not to travel down.

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Case in point, El Paso, Tex., high school student Rhiannon Conelley, who recently won a contest for the chance to fly to Barcelona to meet pro baller and part-time slow-jam juggle artist Neymar. The young goalkeeper says she hopes to pick Neymar’s brain, learn ways to improve her own play, and possibly get the chance to stop a few of his shots herself.

All of that is well and good until you learn one small detail of the contest. Upon winning, Conelley had a choice of grand prizes: meeting Neymar, or taking $10,000.

“I entered the contest to meet Neymar. I didn’t enter to win $10,000.”

Ten stacks. For nothing. In this economy. People are out in the world justifying heinous crimes for less, and this girl is turning up her nose at free money for the opportunity split a soda with friggin’ Neymar.

“I have this one friend every day, he just whispers to me and says ‘$10,000’. Everyday he’ll lean over and whisper that to me.”

At least she has one good friend.

Where are this girl’s legal guardians? Who is allowing this minor to make this kind of financial decision? Whoever is responsible for her must have heard of her choice and said “Oh, I guess you’re going to community college, then?”

“I honestly haven’t thought of anything that I would ask [Neymar]. I still haven’t gotten to that. I still can’t even process that I’m going to meet him. It’s kind of like, ‘wow'”

Here’s a suggestion for what Conelley could ask Neymar: “Hey, Neymar, can I borrow $10,000?” Given the circumstances, it seems like a reasonable request. He’s got the cash. She should be ambitious and try to double-down on her contest winnings. Neymar probably isn’t even aware of the choice she made. Surely, even he would think she’s made a horrible mistake.

$10,000 or fly all the way to Spain to ride with Neymar to practice while listening to that. How was this her choice?