Chelsea fans elevate Emirates Stadium prank with parody video

Credit to the makers of this video for doing a fine job packaging a stunt that would otherwise have been lame: not-quite covering the Arsenal sign outside Emirates Stadium with the word “Chelsea” ahead of Sunday’s game between the clubs.

Surprisingly, a match involving Arsenal in late April can be classed as a title showdown – though only by the most desperate of hype-peddlers, since the Gunners are ten points adrift of Chelsea with six games to go.

Still, a group of Chelsea fans have gone to the effort of producing an A-Team parody, which helps to obscure the fact that their sign letters are far too small and were taken down by stadium security ten minutes later.

José Mourinho as Hannibal; Diego Costa as Howling Mad Murdock; Didier Drogba as BA Baracus; Cesc Fàbregas as Face? Hard to argue with that casting, even if the TV series ended in 1987. Can’t we get a more updated cultural reference? Where are the Game of Thrones parodies in tribute to this fixture’s history of violence?

Also, isn’t this a bit disrespectful to the mission and talents of the A-Team? They’re wrongly-convicted soldiers who work as mercenaries helping the innocent. Would they really have loved it when this plan came together? Or would they have pitied the fools who carried out such a basic scheme?

Now, parachuting into the stadium in the dead of night, evading and disabling armed security, blowing up some corporate boxes, painting a giant Chelsea logo into the center circle and rescuing brave men who’ve been missing, presumed injured, but in reality held hostage by Arsène Wenger in a secret basement (hey, Abou Diaby and Mikel Arteta!) – this would be a film worthy of the A-Team.