Mario Götze loves Game of Thrones, but which character would he be?

Love Game of Thrones? Love Bayern Munich? Or do you just simply adore Mario Götze and his cheeky little grin?

Well get yourself to a computer on Thursday and attempt to find a stream of Game of Thrones Talk, which apparently is a thing, although I wouldn’t suggest Googling it because then you’ll fall down a big black hole of rumors, quizzes and spoilers. Anyway, it seems Mario is going to take part in a post-show show talking about the show, and you certainly don’t want to miss that.

From my advanced knowledge of German (Level 5 on Duolingo, baby!) I can tell you that this message reads, “I love the series #GameofThrones! You too? Tonight 22:20 I am lots of fun in the talk on #SkyGoT!”

I’m absolutely confident that Götze is lots of fun in the talk. In fact, Götze should consider stopping by the Soccer Gods studio. The show’s already explained which Premier League teams match up with which Game of Thrones houses and how Spanish clubs correlate to the clans, but it’s yet to address the Bundesliga. Mario, however, could give us his expert opinion on which character he feels best encapsulates his … well, character.

Perhaps he sees himself as Loras Tyrell, always the partner but not getting to play the shining star? Will he eventually wish he had heeded Robb Stark’s cautionary tale of woe? Or maybe he sees himself as Jon Snow, a shy, honorable hero who is biding his time until he can conquer the world.

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But surely Götze would be Arya? Looking so innocent on the surface, but you get the feeling he’s reciting a death list each night before he goes to sleep. No one’s really that lovable, Mario.