Real Madrid will crash out of Champions League against Atlético. Losers.

1 – the number of years Atlético Madrid has been the strongest of the two sides from Spain’s capital. Facts.

5 – number of times Atlético has held off Real Madrid this season. Stats.

10 – number of months that have passed since Real Madrid beat Atléti in the Champions League final. Past.

Sure, a goalless draw at the Vicente Calderón might make it seem like the two La Liga sides head into the second leg of their quarterfinal on even footing, but with Atléti‘s recent dominance of that weakass team from across the road, it’s clear Real Madrid doesn’t have a chance. Cold, hard science (powered by Opta) is all the proof you should require.

There’s also the fact that the current champions will be without Gareth Bale, Luka Modrić and Karim Benzima, leaving it all up to Javier Hernández. Hey, remember how both Bale and Benzema started for El Real back in February and Atlético still won, 4-0?

Again, facts. Science. The cold, hard truth. Real Madrid’s most recent Champions League trophy might not yet be tarnished, but this one’s already got Atlético’s name engraved on its base.

Because after all, are you going to tell this man he’s not throwing a victory parade? Again? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Real Madrid v Atletico de Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final

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