Real Madrid begs fans to wear white, give unconditional support ahead of Champions League clash

Real Madrid want their fans to form a “flash mob”. Wait, did we go back in time to 2005? Are they asking their followers to turn up en masse at a rail station during rush hour and hassle commuters with an oh-so-hilarious synchronized dance to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up?

Something like that, but with Rick Astley and dancing replaced by cheering and wearing white.

An official club statement asks fans for a morale-boosting rally ahead of their Champions League match against Atlético Madrid, which is even at 0-0 going into the second leg at the Bernabéu today:

The Whites’ fans will once more show their unconditional support for their side before the match against Atlético, and are to meet in the Plaza de los Sagrados Corazones from 6:30pm CEST. The supporters’ white shirts will be key to giving our players their first boost as they arrive at the stadium.

The squad will not be taking their usual route from Ciudad Real Madrid, and will come down Calle Concha Espina from Calle Serrano. When the team reach the Plaza, the ‘Quedada Blanca’ will create an unforgettable atmosphere as Carlo Ancelotti’s men make their way to the ground to continue their quest for La Undécima.

The plaza is next to the stadium, and the time is a full two hours 15 minutes before kick-off. What will the fans do after the bus has gone and before the match starts? Well, there’s a branch of Tony Roma’s on the plaza. Sorted.

Flash mob? Bored fans? Who can say? (Getty Images)

Flash mob? Bored fans? Who can say? (Getty Images)

Seems like a way to help heal divisions ahead of a vital match, though given recent tensions between fans and players we can only hope that the sight of supporters crowding their vehicle doesn’t give the Real stars any unhappy flashbacks.

On the one hand, aren’t flash mobs supposed to be organic and spontaneous, not arranged far in advance by authority figures on a bridge-building PR offensive?

On the other, here’s Wikipedia’s definition of a flash mob: “a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, before quickly dispersing.”

That’s pretty much how fans feel about Gareth Bale.


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