The poll results are in! And your favorite man-bun is….

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Yesterday we decided to ditch the usual #MCM — Man Crush Monday — in favor of #MBM, for, yes, Man Bun Monday. The humble man-bun is both trendy and unfairly maligned. But we all (as in, all of us at “Come Here and Say That“) agree they are super sexy, and

So we conducted a poll including five of our favorite man buns, and asked you to pick your favorite.

Well, you, the people, have spoken. And the winner is….


Yes, Jared Leto! No surprise there, as Leto rocked one of the O.G. celeb man-buns on red carpets, at events, and anywhere else he could take his immortally shot self. Sure, it’s gone now — he’s rocking his Joker ‘do for the Batman movie “Suicide Squad.” But let’s just bask in a couple of his best bunny moments, shall we?Universal, NBC, Focus Features, E! Sponsored by Chrysler Viewing And After Party

20th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Press Room

But wait! Although you’d think a mainstream star like Leonardo DiCaprio might come in second, nope — that went to Argentine-born soccer star, Dani Osvaldo. Let’s have a moment to appreciate, shall we?

AS Roma v FC Internazionale Milano - Serie A

ACF Fiorentina v FC Internazionale Milano - Serie A

And finally — because aren’t trying to show gratuitous man-bun photos at all — let’s look at our third-place finisher, yet another Argentine-born soccer star, Marcos Angeleri.

FC Barcelona v Malaga CF - La Liga

Malaga CF Training Session

Better luck next time, Leo and Joakim Noah?