Brendan Rodgers has been ordered to repair a neglected house he co-owns

This weekend, Brendan Rodgers, a.k.a. B-Rod (to me and me alone), gave a very peculiar press conference. His body language gave off the the vibe of a man living in deep fear. There was existential dread is his jumping and unfocused eyes. He stood in front of the camera, almost in a cold sweat, looking as though someone was chasing after him; as if stopping to talk to a reporter was putting his life at risk.

As it was a postgame interview following Liverpool’s FA Cup exit, I assumed the fear in B-Rod’s eyes came from his desperate attempt to avoid anyone from Liverpool’s upper management, as there was a good chance that any executive he encountered could be carrying a pink slip, ready to hit Rodgers with the “your services are no longer needed” speech. While I was definitely correct in spotting fear, I may have been wrong about the cause.

Rodgers and his business partner Judith O’Hagan have been found guilty of neglecting a small home they co-own in Accrington, Lancashire. The Daily Mail reports that repairs haven’t been made to the property in over three years, leaving the place with broken windows, a broken door and all sorts of garbage thrown about the yard. The home has a value of about 70,000 pounds ($104,000). Rodgers and O’Hagan have been ordered to pay for a total of 815 pounds in repairs and fees. Reports are unclear as to whether the house is inhabited.

It’s not unusual for a manager to have outside business interest. Man’s gotta invest his money, but what, exactly, is Rodgers doing buying up beat up properties and leaving them to slowly crumble? Is he leading a double life? Is Rodgers’ “golly gee” bumbling coach persona just a cover for a life of crime? Is B-Rod “trappin’ out the ‘bando,” moving illicit products from this abandoned property? All this time, he may have been an organized crime kingpin, using this dilapidated building as his stash house, and no one was the wiser.

It’s not hard to imagine. Maybe one day after practice, Rodgers was hanging out with Daniel Sturridge, who was playing some Migos, and the idea of buying an empty house to sell all sorts of questionable items struck him. Bootleg Liverpool team gear, counterfeit iPhones, stolen Balotelli artwork – whatever you need, B-Rod’s got it for you on the low-low. Maybe. There’s no evidence to suggest this, but we have to consider all options.

In reality, Rodgers’s real estate investment skills probably suffer as a result of the same suspect decision-making that plagues him on the Liverpool sideline. He almost certainly isn’t that kind of criminal, just a budding slum lord. When you’re dealing with crap real estate, there’s always someone lurking nearby, ready to introduce a brick to your personal space. Rodgers was probably right to be nervous in that interview if he is truly out living the shady business life.


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