Qatar may use cruise ships to make up for its hotel shortage during the 2022 World Cup

Qatar is small. Smaller than Connecticut. Too small to host a World Cup. But it is going to host one anyway, whether you like it or not. (We know you don’t.)

But it’s surrounded by blue stuff. Big, blue stuff known as the Persian Gulf. So, in a genius move, the country’s planning to solve its space problem by sending fans to sea.

At least, according to leading nautical news provider,, which is always my first stop for breaking World Cup stories.

The plan being, uh, floated, is that the Qatar Tourism Authority will be hiring about five cruise ships, equating to 6,000 rooms, and will berth them at a Doha-area terminal. Considering the entire nation only has 16,000 hotel rooms, they’re sure to be needed. Offering cruises is also a great way for the World Cup to reach the “lobster-colored retirees from Florida and Texas” demographic, without which soccer can never make it in America.

Boatels: this could be the best opportunity to make the Qatar World Cup fun. Imagine the American Outlaws taking a Carnival Cruise to Qatar – the ultimate party boat. As long as no one gets the norovirus, or the toilets don’t break, or there’s not an onboard ebola panic.


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