Brendan Rodgers looked like a man scared of an actual sack in his post-match interview

As of about 23 minutes ago, when I first watched this video of Brendan Rodgers giving an interview after Liverpool’s 2-1 FA Cup semifinal defeat to Aston Villa, I’ve decided that I’m a body language expert.

Other than ‘just banter, mate’ and overblown discussions about the future of Harry Kane, English soccer’s greatest contribution to the world is awkward post-match interviews. This one with B-Rod — that’s what I’m calling Brendan Rodgers until he gets fired — is especially enlightening.

There hasn’t seen this much fear in one man’s eyes since the trailer for Saw 46, or whatever number they’re up to this year. Look at him. Eyes darting in every direction except at the man asking him questions. As if he was on the lookout for someone lurking in the shadows, wielding an actual sack, ready to stuff him in it and toss him out with the pre-game meal trash.

“We were second best overall. I thought Aston Villa were a better team, even though we had a few moments in the game.”

Poor B-Rod. He looks like he’s already mentally cycling through a list of potential jobs in the Championship. My exploratory Wikipedia research didn’t reveal any information about a college degree for Rodgers, but I hope he has something to fall back on if this soccer coach thing doesn’t work. He seems like a nice guy.


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