Survey: Chelsea’s been the target of more online hate than any other Premier League team

Kick It Out, “football’s equality and inclusion organization,” social media management company Tempero, and Brandwatch, a “social intelligence and analytics company,” have recently published the results of a study that attempts to put numbers to the bile we all spew on the internet in the name of soccer. Think of it as the advanced metric breakdown of Twitter creeps and Facebook trolls, if filtered through Opta.

The study covered a wide range of incredibly important issues like instances of racism, sexism and homophobia that muddy up the way we share the game with each other, and you should absolutely read their eye-opening findings when you have a chance. But at this moment, I’m in too good a mood and would prefer to laugh, so let’s focus on the part of the study that revealed Chelsea as the most hated club in the Premier League:

The Premier League clubs receiving the highest volume of discriminatory posts is as follows:

Chelsea (20K)
Liverpool (19K)
Arsenal (12K)
Manchester United (11K)
Manchester City (11K)

That’s right. Between August 2014 and March 2015, when data for the study was being collected, we, as a species, said more terrible shit about Chelsea than any other English club. For whatever reason, the Premier League won’t be holding a trophy ceremony for this, but the Blues should be proud. Nothing screams “success” like being the number one recipient of irrational negativity from the masses!

A wise man once told me that if at least one third of the people you meet decide they can’t stand you, then you’re probably doing something wrong and trying to hard to be a people-pleaser. That person was me, and I was drunk, but the logic still stands.

“… if at least one third of the people you meet decide they can’t stand you, then you’re probably doing something wrong and trying too hard to be a people-pleaser.”

- Kevin Brown, to Kevin Brown

It’s easy to see why Chelsea would be Premier League fans’ favorite club to abuse. They’re rich, they win, and continue to stubbornly employ John Terry, who currently holds six gold medals from the Terrible Person Olympics. Throw José Mourinho hate into that mix — which is unfortunate, because Mourinho is a hero and a prophet who only wishes the best for society — and Chelsea offer a delicious “fuck you guys” gumbo that’s irresistible to the type of person who has 10 followers, an egg avatar, and can’t get through a soccer discussion without calling someone a “cunt” (for authenticity). Soccer Twitter ™ being what it is, the irrational hate drew on the typical, sad isms, but it still found a predictable target.

So, salute to Chelsea. They’re obviously doing something right.



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