Lionel Messi scored his 400th goal for Barcelona, has time to score 400 more

Lionel Messi is excellent at kicking the soccer ball into the net. He’s so excellent that he’s done it 400 times for Barcelona in competitive matches. That is more than anyone who has ever played for the club and, at last check, Barcelona was a really big club with a long history of incredible players so holy crap.

Messi reached that 400-goal milestone on Saturday when he was allowed to dribble in all alone on the poor Valencia goalkeeper.

The goalkeeper will probably tell his grandchildren about the time he stopped Messi on a breakaway, because he did. There was just that whole rebound thing, but he doesn’t have to include that in his story.

How do those 400 goals break down?

If you want that translated, it is:

– Left footed WHOA
– Right footed WHOA
– Headers WHOA

In conclusion, Messi is very, very good and we are all incredibly lucky to watch him.

P.S.- He is only 27 years old so he’ll probably score another goal or a million before his career is over. I hope you have lots of fingers and toes so you can keep count.