Throwback to Thursday: When a Napoli defender stripped down to his Dragon Ball Z undies

When you awoke this morning, you thought, “You know what I’d like to see today? I’d like to see a picture of Napoli defender Faouzi Ghoulam wearing only Dragon Ball Z underwear,” as you stretched and yawned and uncurled your toes.

Well, early riser, the Soccer Gods are kind and the Soccer Gods are just. Because right here is said picture, from Thursday’s Europa League game between Napoli and Wolfsburg.

Ghoulam is a left back for Algeria and Napoli. This picture came after Napoli’s 4-1 win in Germany.

Napoli was already wearing an awesome/awful faux denim uniform. The 24-year-old supplemented it with some anime fanboi boxers.

Soccer Europa League

And with that, your day has peaked.


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