Jorge Ramos on making the cover of Time: ‘It’s a symbolic choice’

Alongside the likes of Kanye West and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Fusion’s own Jorge Ramos made the cover of Time magazine’s annual list of the world’s 100 Most Influential People.

But he’s not taking any credit for it.

“It’s simply a symbolic choice. I don’t think it’s me,” Ramos, 57, said on Thursday morning, a few hours after the list was revealed. “The Hispanic community, which is finally getting a newfound power, is choosing the immigrants and the DREAMers who won’t be silenced by anyone anymore. Time is choosing these groups through me.”

Ramos, a 30-year news veteran, is one of six Latinos chosen by Time and one of three journalists. Today, he serves as an anchor on two networks for two audiences: Univision in Spanish and Fusion in English. (Fusion is a joint venture of Univision and ABC/Disney.) He said Fusion has given him an opportunity to be part of a national conversation with Millennials, the group he said will decide the next presidential election.

“Before Fusion it was difficult to have a national impact in Spanish because we needed translation, and sometimes translation wasn’t available,” he said. “But with Fusion we’ve found a voice. We’ve been able to push for important messages like equality to a young generation—and without translation. And that’s given me a freedom I wasn’t used to.”

So who’s missing from the list?

“I would have [included] the DREAMers” Ramos said. “I think they are really the rebels, really the ones leading the way for immigrant rights and Latino rights. I think they should have been chosen. They are really the ones influencing.”