Brondby is providing us with the rare chance to watch grass grow

Danish club Brondby are relaying their field. It’s a long, laborious, tedious process, and you can watch if you like. Because they’re livestreaming it over the internet.

A camera’s positioned in the corner of the stadium, from where you can see tractors, the old grass, the underlying surface and HOLY CRAP SOME GUY IN A COAT AND WELLINGTON BOOTS JUST WALKED PAST! I THINK HE WAS HOLDING A TROWEL! SHIT JUST GOT REAL!

Now, webcams of new stadiums being built are commonplace, but Brondby seem to be – quite literally – breaking new ground here. It’s a sign that soccer’s getting into the Scandinavian “slow TV” trend: real-time, really long, broadcasts of boring stuff, like train journeys, knitting and fish, that get insanely high viewing figures.

Possibly because the viewers fall asleep and forget to turn the TV off.

Jokes aside, this is inexplicably mesmerizing stuff.


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