Manchester United players gave Ashley Young a fake bird to remind him that a real one pooped in his mouth

Ah, banter. What would soccer be without it? (Better.)

Manchester United players mocked Ashley Young by putting a fake bird above his locker. There is a reason for this. In August, against Swansea City, a bird shit in Young’s mouth. Here’s a vine:

“Ashley Young is the joker in the dressing room,” United defender Luke Shaw told Match of the Day Magazine. “We still laugh about the time he got bird poo in his mouth against Swansea.”

There was some discussion at the time that maybe it was excess spittle and the luck of a camera angle. It’s hard to say. Young is a bird-poo-denier.

“If you ask him now, he’ll say it wasn’t bird poo. In the changing room we hung a fake bird above his place as a joke which he didn’t like.”

Anyway, the prank isn’t especially clever, but it gives us a chance to show that vine again, so whatever.


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