Lewis Holtby isn’t cool with HSV fans implying he doesn’t give a damn

It’s not been a good season for Hamburg. The side, which barely escaped relegation last year, now sits bottom of the Bundesliga and has just brought on its fourth coach of the season.

One of the most dubious criticisms fans often level at players in struggling teams is that they don’t care – as if it would be in their interests to underperform or get injured, lose their place in the lineup and contribute to the side’s relegation.

Lewis Holtby, however, would like fans to know that he cares. Despite the fact that he’s only on loan from Tottenham, he cares very much about HSV. While the standard boring footballer response to critics is to “answer them on the field, Holtby took to the stands after a 2-0 loss to Wolfsburg last weekend with an admirable rant.

“You can’t say that, man. I don’t want to relegate HSV,” he says. “I tell you one thing: I will work my ass off and I am working my ass off. Come and watch us at practice, look at what I am doing. I have some good matches. Sometimes I have a shit match as well … I was injured, I’m fighting my way back in. I’m trying to work my ass off but I’m also just a human, you know?”

He sure sounds passionate and intense, though it’s hard to be sure as German is the sort of language that sounds passionate and intense even when you’re just trying to buy some stamps at the post office.


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