A night in Havana is a peek into Cuba’s bright young future

The pictures below are probably not the images of Cuba you’ve always imagined. Images of a dictator and old-fashioned cars would probably make more sense. But this is the face of present day Cuba, and it may very well be the most realistic glimpse of its future.

Havana’s Fabrica de Arte Cubano, or F.A.C, is one place that captures the spirit of Cuba’s youth population today, giving us insight into what tomorrow might look like. It could be any trendy gallery in Brooklyn, or even a bar in L.A. For local young Cubans, it’s the hottest club in town where hundreds gather night after night, often spending all their money on the pricey cover charge just to get in.

F.A.C. opened last year as a way to showcase local culture to the growing throngs of foreigners visiting the island. But it’s hardly typical for Cuba: anti-revolution art hangs on the walls and the place has helped carve out an upper-crust section of Havana. The entire concept would have been inconceivable just a few years ago.

Under President Raul Castro, Cuba’s economy is on a slow but steady path towards modernization. Add that to the growth of the tourism industry and big strategic bets like Mariel Port, and you’ll notice a Cuba that is finally opening itself up to new opportunities across the country.

There’s no question the ripple effects of these economic changes will make a serious impact on Cuba’s youth generation in particular. A hotspot like F.A.C. might be rare today, but it’s the picture Cuba seems to be painting for tomorrow.


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