Tabloids think Javier Hernandez is dating the same person they thought was dating Cristiano Ronaldo

This is how you confirm a relationship in 2015: Two people appear in the same picture. News outlet finds the post, thereby confirming the relationship. End.

Sounds like solid journalism to me.

Last week we dealt with Taylor Swift rumors. The jury is still out on her relationship. This week we turn to our latest investigation, courtesy of Marca: Real Madrid and Mexico star Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez and one Luc铆a Villal贸n.


Slow down. Breathe.

馃檵 y as铆 todos los d铆as!!! 馃拺 @ch14_instagram

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Earlier in the year, Villal贸n, a TV presenter who was previously with Real Madrid TV, was rumored to be dating Chicharito’s teammate, Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo.

Y ya van 3!! SIIIIIIUUU!!!Bal贸n de Oro 2014! Enhorabuena! Zurich 12/01/15

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It’s hard to dispute that Villal贸n and Ronaldo are both in this Instagram picture, thus indisputably confirming that true love happened. At the time of the photo’s posting, the Daily Mirror revealed that Villal贸n was 鈥渒een on fitness and regularly posts pictures of her enjoying runs and workouts. She’s also got some seriously impressive abs.鈥

Two months later, the same outlet reported that, “Nah, they aren’t really dating.鈥 Villal贸n claimed her relationship with Ronaldo was 鈥減urely professional.鈥 There was no mention of whether she was still keen on fitness and enjoying runs and workouts.

And so we’re left with the latest Instagram evidence as the only evidence admissible in court as to the true nature of Chicharito’s relationship with Villal贸n. Until you turn to the Spanish gossip circuit. Yes, I’m talking about 隆HOLA!

This is adorable.

However, we should all still believe that Villal贸n was actually seeing Ronaldo and she ultimately rejected him because he was too focused on competing against Lionel Messi stories and David Beckham’s legacy. Chicharito is infinitely more datable. He has time, and his body isn’t as worn down as Cristiano’s from actually playing soccer.

Many blessings to the new couple.