A graffiti artist created a new U.S. soccer jersey

The bespoke, limited edition, street art collaboration, U.S. Soccer jersey business is booming. This past summer, in the lead up to the World Cup, legendary graffiti artist Futura was named the U.S. men’s national team’s Art Director (part of the same collaboration that lead to the team’s musical collaborations with Lupe Fiasco). As part of the project, Futura created the national team’s official poster and a custom jersey. There was also an in-house custom job from Nike’s SB brand.

U.S. Soccer’s latest attempt to get fresh comes in the form of a collaboration between Long Island artist Stash and general cool soccer shit curators, Kicks to the Pitch.

From Hypebeast:

New York-based artist Stash creates a one of a kind hand-painted jersey to celebrate U.S. National Soccer, in collaboration with Kicks to the Pitch. Born in Long Island, Stash has long been considered an important part of New York’s graffiti scene, having made major contributions to the East Village movement in the early 1980s. At only 17 years of age, the artist was already able to display his works alongside the likes of legends Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Stash has showcased many different artistic styles throughout his lengthy career, plastered across subway trains, sophisticated canvases, to collaborations with major companies such as Nike and A Bathing Ape.

Credit to U.S. Soccer for doing something to shake up the image a bit. Stash will also be appearing at the official Fan HQ site tomorrow (April 14) ahead of the U.S. friendly match against Mexico in San Antonio, where he will create a new team-themed mural. Transhoeformers — known for turning old sneakers and equipment into robots, animals and all manner of things — will also be on hand to display new pieces.

A toned down version of Stash’s jersey is available for pre-order.