Hillary Clinton may not have changed, but America has — and she’s obviously taking notes

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Marco Rubio has joined Ted Cruz and Rand Paul in the Republican field – but this weekend, Hillary Clinton officially became the first Democrat to enter the race.

Yes, just like she did eight years ago, Clinton launched her campaign with a video, drawing instant reactions from both the political and Hollywood elite.

We actually like best how Ariana Grande summed it up with a tweet:


Yaaas indeed, Ariana.

In both of Clinton’s announcements – from 2007 and this weekend – the format is the same, and the central character is the same. But the videos are as different in style and substance as “Laguna Beach and the Hills.” The 2007 video features Clinton on a couch by herself, looking like a mole woman who isn’t allowed outdoors.

But in the new video, Clinton doesn’t even show up until 92 seconds in. And there’s no way to watch the new one – which is full of more women, Latinos, and gays than our Facebook feeds – and not notice that she is straight-up courting the new American majority.

Instead of running away from her work on behalf of women, children, and disenfranchised communites, she’s leaning into it. So whether Hillary Clinton herself has or hasn’t changed in the past eight years, America has, and she’s been taking notes.


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