Queens Park Rangers fans responded to Chelsea’s late goal by throwing coins and lighters on the field

It may be old-fashioned, but some people still love the feel of real money in their pockets. Those people clearly do not include fans of English Premier League club Queens Park Rangers, who chose to take coins out of the pockets and throw them at Chelsea players celebrating the Blues’ late winner at Loftus Road yesterday.

You’d have thought high ticket prices and the global recession would have more or less ended the practice of lobbing cash at players, none of whom need the money or the bruises. London’s a very expensive place to live.

Also, why litter the nice clean field with plastic bottles and match programs that should be recycled? Branislav Ivanovic was reportedly struck by a cigarette lighter, and Nemanja Matic also hit.

“This is not the kind of behavior the club condones in any way, shape or form,” said a QPR spokesman, as if there are people out there who imagine soccer clubs might actually condone fans assaulting players.

All in all, a day to make all right-minded people yearn for a truly cashless society. And a society without fans who throw childish, dangerous, temper tantrums.


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