Paris Saint-Germain celebrate not losing with its mascot

Celebrations of success can happen for many reasons. The ones we like best are heartwarming stories about plucky (or “scrappy” if you prefer) teams and players overcoming great obstacles to achieve the unexpected.

Other times, it’s an overwhelming favorite, a juggernaut achieving the bare minimum! Whooo!


Say hello to Paris Saint-Germain, who beat Bastia (feel free to Google them) today to become the 2015 Coupe de la Ligue champions. This is France’s lesser domestic cup, but when you’re a fiscal behemoth like PSG, singular silverware is a catastrophe.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 6.22.50 PM

In PSG’s case, the joy in celebrating the Coupe de la Ligue may not be born out of the thrill of victory, but rather avoiding the agony of defeat. When you play for a team that defines failure as anything short of a domestic double and Champions League quarterfinal appearance, feel free to bunny hop/conga line your way to stress relief when you actually win something.

…but don’t beat the mascot up. Lynx doesn’t deserve this.


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