Diego Maradona kicked a cameraman at a ‘Match for Peace’

On Friday night in Bogota, Argentine legend hand of God creator Diego Maradona, 54, laced up his boots once more in a “Match for Peace,” a game organized to support talks to end Colombia’s long-running civil war.

Maradona made his mark on the game, scoring the match-winning goal, but he also tried to leave a mark on a cameraman afterward, with his foot. Kicking someone at a “Match for Peace” is very Diego Maradona, and he certainly didn’t let down those in attendance craving signature Maradona theatrics.

The wonderful part of the video? Maradona seamlessly transitioning from trying to kick someone to applauding the crowd and basking in his own glory. Great people don’t have time for labored transitions.

Another noteworthy part of the video: the notoriously left-footed Maradona using his right foot. Sure, it was to kick someone, but still, it’s noteworthy.

But if you think Maradona’s display of violence at the Match for Peace was the comedy highlight of the evening, you should watch the dubious penalty awarded to him.

The celebration? Perfectly Maradona. He has that unique gift of being able to turn anything into entertainment.


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