La Liga did the right thing and unsuspended Cristiano Ronaldo

Not sure if what I’m going to say here falls into one of the annoying categories of #HotTake, #UnpopularOpinion, or #SorryNotSorry, but whatever. At this time, I would like to thank La Liga for doing the right thing, having the greater good in mind, and rescinding Cristiano Ronaldo’s yellow card for his alleged dive Wednesday against Rayo Vallecano.

The card was Ronaldo’s fifth this year, triggering an automatic one-game suspension. It was originally thought Real Madrid would live with the ban and eliminate the potential for this suspension to kick in some point down the road, but a muscle injury to Gareth Bale led to a change of heart. Real Madrid appealed, won, and will now have Ronaldo this weekend against Eibar.

We can skip the part of this story where we discuss the Laws of the Game and what should or shouldn’t be a penalty, because honestly, I don’t care. Every application of every rule of this game is wildly subjective. What I do care about, however, is good televised entertainment, and that’s what Cristiano Ronaldo is.

If I’m going to watch Real Madrid on television this weekend (and I am), I’d greatly prefer for that to happen with Ronaldo on the screen. Am I willing to trade the possibility of Rayo being screwed out of a penalty and Eibar “unfairly” going up against a Galacticos squad with one too many stars available this weekend? You bet I am!

This is about the value of my two hours watching a game, as well as the value for millions of others who’ll tune in. In cases like this, where the call is questionable and the outcome has minimal big picture impact, I’m alright with a little preferential treatment – not that it’s necessarily the case with Ronaldo (this time).

The comedy here is that according to SPORT , Carlo Ancelotti didn’t want Real Madrid to appeal the referee’s decision, as it would have meant a yellow card accumulation suspension for Ronaldo and some rest before El Real‘s Champions League match against Atlético Madrid. Now Ronaldo remains in danger of that suspension, sitting on four yellow cards for the season.

Communication, guys. Need to step it up.


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