A Bayer Leverkusen defender embraced his team’s loss by head-butting a steward

It’s Friday! You know what that means: it’s the weekend, y’all! Time to go out and do something stupid. Flip over a Smart Car. Mix your liquors like an amateur. Ask a teacher to the prom. Be great and be daring, but know that there are limits.

If you are a center back for a popular German soccer club, one thing you shouldn’t do is head-butt a game official. As great and therapeutic as it may feel, it’s probably a bad idea.

Living a life outside of this wisdom bubble is Bayer Leverkusen’s Emir Spahić. After Leverkusen was booted from the German Cup by Bayern Munich on penalties this week, Spahić got into a losing altercation with his own emotions and took it out on a group match stewards, eventually going forehead-to-forehead with one.

The biggest issue here is that Spahić was upset for losing a game to Bayern Munich, as if that wasn’t a foregone conclusion. Bayern has gotten all of its domestic losses out of the way for this season. The German titans seem destined to win both the Bundesliga and German Cup, again. Spahić should have seen this coming.

In a statement printed in the Daily Mail, a Leverkusen spokesperson said that a police investigation is underway, and the club is looking into the altercation further:

“It is clear that there has been a physical dispute after the final whistle. We will review the incident and try to clarify now who was there and why they were there.”

So, while you prepare to embrace the weekend by jumping off a friend’s roof, Snapchating your unmentionables, or whatever it is millennials do on a Friday, Spahić will be dealing with his bosses and the cops. There are better ways to relax.


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