Barca’s propaganda rag SPORT compared the curve of Messi’s goal to Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair

Journalism is in crisis. Everyone, including the Soccer Gods, is trying to figure out how to create more #content cheaply. Sometimes we do silly things. That’s because the internet often rewards that kind of behavior. It’s all good fun in the name of capitalism.

But today I was scrolling through the homepage of Sport is an amazingly sensationalistic and shameless propaganda rag with an unabashed pro-Barca bias. So I was scrolling down and the following headline caught my eye: “Messi’s goal took the same trajectory as Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair.”

I stopped. I smiled. I clicked. And sure enough what I saw filled me with warmth: A photo of Messi’s goal with Cristiano Ronaldo’s head (feat. new haircut) superimposed on top.

Credit: SPORT

Yes. YES. Thank you, SPORT. Never change.