Rangers striker Kenny Miller was a guest timekeeper for WWE

Kenny Miller was the guest timekeeper for WWE in Glasgow.

Unless you are familiar with two distinct cultural circles, some of the words in that last sentence won’t make sense.

Kenny Miller is a striker for Rangers in Scotland. He’s a poacher who has had a mildly successful, if meandering career. He’s 35 now and is still probably most famous for playing for both Rangers and Celtic. A few years ago, he played in MLS for the Vancouver Whitecaps.

WWE is professional wrestling. I am not exactly sure what a timekeeper is. I consulted my sources (texted a friend) and still couldn’t figure it out. I think he rings the bell when matches start? But then I’m pretty sure there isn’t an exact timed end, just one dude/gal pins the other dude/gal.

But anyway, for a match in Glasgow, Scotland, Miller was the guest timekeeper. What you do with that information is up to you.