Taylor Swift might be dating an MLS player (but probably isn’t)

NPR isn’t a fan of Major League Soccer, but Taylor Swift might be(come one).

You probably know Taylor Swift from her being one of the most famous people in the world right now. But Sean St Ledger? You don’t know Sean St Ledger.

Ledger’s a 30-year-old defender for the Republic of Ireland. Right now he plays for Orlando City SC, but he spent most of his career in England. Last New Year’s, he took a picture with T-Swift.

This picture led Irish television station RTÉ to ask St Ledger if he’s dating Swift, because why else would you take a picture with someone on New Year’s?

“Eh, that’d be an exclusive for RTÉ, wouldn’t it,” he said. “I’m sitting on the fence.”

So RTE, and their squadron of investigative journalists on staff (maybe), followed up, asking St Ledger if Tay-Tay been to an Orlando City game yet. (Orlando City only joined MLS this season, so there have been a grand total of five opportunities.)

“She’s not been to a game, as of yet,” St Ledger said. “I’m thinking that she might come to one of the New York ones. We’ll see.”

So, we can easily gather that St Ledger and Swift are acquaintances, if not friends. That’s if they’re not complete strangers who happened to be in a picture together. They also might be best friends. Or rivals. None of this, however, actually indicates that they are dating. It’s also unlikely they’re together because, according to Soccer Gods sources (a Google dot com search), Swift is currently dating DJ Calvin Harris.

This doesn’t preclude casually dating both or polyamory, but if you had to pick one, well … here’s Harris, on the left, with a handy comparison to St Ledger.

calvin st ledger

Anyway, looks and lack of evidence aside, it’s still possible Swift and St Ledger are dating. We just won’t believe it until she releases her new album Purple, filled with gorgeously-produced pop anthems about how much she loves the Orlando City uniforms. And then Orlando City will promptly break her heart and she’ll write a set of ballads that will dominate charts of some kind. The songs will be about how she can do better than Orlando City and how St Ledger is a lying liar who lies. One of the videos will take place during an Orlando City bankruptcy hearing. That’s when we’ll know for sure that Tay and St Ledger were dating for real.