Amateur Greek player slaps referee then hides in the hills from the police

Let’s watch this video together, shall we? It features a grown man slapping another grown man in the face, and then running into the hills to hide from the police.

0:00: Okay. Here’s the scene. We’re in the amateur divisions in Crete: FC Coronis against INKA.

0:28: Our protagonist, a Coronis defender, tackles a player from behind in the box. Referee blows the whistle.

0:33: The referee gives our protagonist a red card. This seems fair and obvious.

0:35: Our protagonist disagrees. After shoving the referee, he slaps him across the face. The referee is all like, “Nope,” and whistles to his linesmen to abandon the game.

1:33: Cut to: Our protagonist, dressed in green, emerging from the locker room. He hot-foots it across the field, behind the goal, and climbs the small incline. A quick hop over a fence and he’s outta there.

1:42: What feels like entirely too many police for one slap show up. They gingerly open the door to the locker room (this is no SWAT unit) and step inside. He’s not in there, coppers.

2:03: The video confusingly cuts to another game.

Anyway, thanks for reading and chuckling along. Please don’t slap a referee today.